Benefits & Impact

Your benefits of an "Event" Day

  • Creates an exciting store environment
  • Stimulates frenzy purchasing in all departments
  • Increases overall store volume and gross profit
  • Trains retail staff on product knowledge
  • Generates return and repeat business after the event
  • Builds consumer advocates for the brand and the retail-partner

Impact of an "Event" Day

  • Increases the average product movement 4 times the weekly average
  • Increases the customer specific exposures 8 times the daily average
  • Increases the visual impact and excitement for the event day

Tools used are

  • Posters / T-Shirts / Caps / Banners and more...

Portion of total event business that is "plus" or "impulse" sale related
Increase of exposure during the "EVENT" day
Fraction of customers that make an unplanned purchase that same day