Past to Present
1990 PORN & ASSOCIATES (P&A) was founded by Michael Porn. The first principal was the HENNINGER brewery of Frankfurt.
1991 GRUPO MODELO, brewers of CORONA EXTRA, appoint P&A as their sole agency for military sales in Europe, a true milestone in the history of P&A.
1993 BERENTZEN, the northern German producers of numerous fine spirits – to include the famous Apfelkorn – strengthen the portfolio of P&A.
1995 ADELSECK, the German winery, HENKELL & SOEHNLEIN, Europe’s # 1 sparkling wine producer and BINDING, one of the largest German breweries agree to exclusive military brokership with P&A.
1998 BECK’S, Germany’s most successful export brewery (now the world's largest brewery, AB INBEV), reorganizes its military business and joins the P&A portfolio.
1999 JOERSS, a 100 % subsidiary of REMY/COINTREAU, decides to work with P&A as their exclusive brokerage firm within the military markets in Europe and the Far East.
2000 GRANINI, Europe’s leading fruit juice company, revitalizes its business by joining forces with P&A.

CASTELLO DI POPPIANO, one of the oldest premium wineries of Tuscany, Italy, leave their agency and appoint P&A.
2001 P&A introduces RED BULL, the famous energy drink from Austria, to the U.S. military market in Europe – one of the most successful introductions in the military market's history.
2003 P&A opens “Special Markets Division” concentrating on non-military business such as Cruise Lines, Airlines, Middle East and Africa.
2004 P&A decides to extend its services to the continental U.S. The first major milestone is the appointment by RED BULL North America as their sole CONUS military agent in order to bring the CONUS military business up to speed.
2006 P&A is acknowledged as the company executing the most promotional activities in the marketplace.
2008 COCA-COLA ERFRISCHUNGSGETRÄNKE, one of the world's most famous brands, recruits P&A to work the U.S. military market.
2010 P&A celebrates its 20 year anniversary.
2013 GEBR. HEINEMANN begins working with P&A, providing a diverse portfolio of products, and continuing a strong relationship with the military tax-free business.
  PAULANER joins P&A, adding beers conveying Munich’s joie de vivre.
2016 GLOBAL MILITARY MARKETING, one of the largest suppliers to the military market, and P&A decide to join forces. As a first step, P&A takes over representation of GMM’s military business in Europe
2018 VINOTTIMO and P&A decide to join forces and combine the strength of both companies. The new P&A Vinottimo Fine Wine Division is the second largest military wine force
Today P&A is the largest non-American military broker, and a very active and successful duty free/travel retail specialist with an excellent reputation in the marketplace